About Campbell American Guitars

The concept behind Campbell American Guitars is simple: Old New England craftsmanship with a commitment to quality.


Started in 2002, Campbell American built very high quality instruments in small quantities for over a decade in New England.  As of 2015 we are no longer taking orders.

Here are excepts from a few of the reviews that our instruments have received over the years

GUITAR BUYER MAGAZINE: “This Campbell American Caledonian is a great all-rounder, handling rock, blues and even country with ease. This guitar is all about getting genuine tone from quality materials, with no fuss or nonsense. That’s not to say that it’s a’ no-frills’ instrument – the body carve and finish, neck and Fretwork are all of a high quality, and these Lollar pickups are among the best there around. But with little in the way of frills and frippery, this particular Caledonian feels like a guitar that you’ll want to play every day, rather than one you’ll hang on your wall. You can specify your own options, of course, but we like it like that. And, considering the standard of tone and playability, the £1,349 price tag looks like good value.”

GUITAR ONE MAGAZINE: " If you're a working musician looking for a custom instrument that sounds and plays as good as any you'll hear, at a street price rivaling some off-the-rack models, you owe it to yourself to check out the full Campbell line."

GUITAR BUYER MAGAZINE: "The Nelsonic’s unusual mix of Fender flavours (the scale length and vibrato system) and Gibson influences (the two humbuckers and mahogany body works really well, while still managing to generate the feel of something that’s a bit different from the rest. The sounds and playability are both so good that this guitar feels almost addictive. It’s very hard to put down once you start playing it, and when you grow used to the fact that beneath the quirky image lies an achingly gorgeous and highly usable guitar, there’s almost no going back."

GUITARIST MAGAZINE: "We really like this Transitone. Clearly, the outline is never going to be to everyone's taste, but in terms of sheer playability and pro-quality spec, build and dependability, Campbell guitars come highly recommended. Considering the amount of custom options that are available, it's possible to tweak the basic design to suit your needs and still keep the price competitive when compared with some of the big mass-produced American brands who just don't have the sheer number of options available."

GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE: "Guitarists who are willing to spend upwards of $2,000 or more on an instrument can choose from a vast playground of excellent boutique, production, and custom models. The Campbells are pricey guitars, but they represent an appropriate measure of care and pride, and the level of quality is commensurate with other models in their price ranges. Perhaps the greatest appeal of the Campbell clan is that each model is so damn fun to play. Their gentle, satin-finished C-profile necks promote oodles of gleeful fretboard gymnastics—a trait confirmed by the smiles of every GP editor who picked one up."

PREMIER GUITAR MAGAZINE: “This is the second Campbell American model that I have reviewed, and like the previous one, this one manages to magically feel and sound like an old guitar. This is the main thing that breaks the company out of the custom builder crowd; somehow Campbell has figured out a way to make a new guitar have the broken-in feel, and aged sound of a 30 or 40-year-old vintage instrument. Call it voodoo or call it – as he does – “New England craftsmanship,” from the minute I picked up this guitar and plugged it into my Orange Tiny Terror head, it felt like an old friend.”

ROCK GUITAR DAILY WITH TONY CONLEY: "As previously mentioned the guitar was a dream to hold. Both sitting and standing it was in search of a better term, “transparent.” The action and feel of the neck was amazing. This is a guitar you do not want to put down. It has the feel of not so much an expensive sports car as that of a flying saucer. It almost plays itself. Honestly, I can’t remember being this taken by a first play since the first time I played a really right Les Paul through a 100 watt Marshall. But this is a completely different trip. The Transitone is cool, calm, and collected, as subtle as it is beautiful."

GUITAR BUYER MAGAZINE: "A good measure of a great guitar is if you really don't want to put it down. In the case of the Precix, I've ended up pouring away more cups of cold tea, and being late for more appointments over the weeks that it's been in my care, than just about the whole of last year. It's a really compelling instrument, that both plays extremely well and sounds simply remarkable. Most modern styles of music will be well served with it's collection of fine tones, but classic rock is where it really excels. Big, warm and expressive solos just drip from the Precix fingerboard, and raunchy rhythm patterns hammer out in the sweetest manner - and all with drool-worthy detail and depth..... and for a sensible price too. A future classic? We hope so."

VINTAGE GUITAR MAGAZINE: “ The specs are not purely aesthetic though, a very player friendly guitar with great options like CTS pots, Sperzel tuners, and Gotoh bridge. All of these show that Dean and the fellas have an eye for quality. If you are in the market for a gallery-worthy instrument that delivers sonically, the Campbell American UK -1 is one impressively thought-out and crafted Instrument."