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New Torsos Website

Check out the new SHT website at

FuZe on Tour

David Fiuczynski will be touring with Rudresh Mahanthappa.

You can check dates and purchase tickets here

Review Of Rob Thompson's New Album

Please go to Music Web Express 3000's website to read the review of Rob's latest album. You will find the review using the link below.

New Music Combo Debuting April 29, 2010

Shaun Wolf Wortis Presents

“The Jeremiah Weed Foundation”
(Please Give Generously)
(New combo with Joey Pesce, Ken Schopf, & Shaun Wolf Wortis.)

Rob Thompson - Solo Album

Rob Thompson's album "Dust" was recorded in South Wales and France and features fellow "Storys", Andy Collins on Bass and Harmonies and Alan Thomas on Piano and Hammond. The Album is drenched in Nelsonic Transitone lushness.

New Storys Album

The Storys album "Luck" is the bands third album and features new member "Rosalie Deighton" sharing vocals duties with Steve Balsamo, Rob Thompson and Andy Collins.
The album is more rocking than previous releases and has Campbell American Guitars all over it.